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Welcome to a New Approach to Wine

Each month we curate a special tasting menu to enjoy as we highlight wines from different regions of the world (from the best vineyards in Sedona to the most obscure in Uruguay). Join us as we take you on a journey to explore one specific region each month and dive deep into the climate, culture and techniques that make the wine so special. You’ll be sitting in the Sedona Village of Oak Creek, but you’ll feel like you’re traveling the world.

Around the World With Decanter

Decanter will take you wine tasting around the world without ever having to leave Sedona. Decanter, situated in the Village of Oak Creek Collective, has quickly become a favorite among both visitors and locals alike; perhaps because no other tasting room in the Verde Valley showcases a new wine region to explore every month.

Having recently opened in August of 2019, Decanter has already exhibited wine flights from locations like South Africa and Uruguay. This regional wine tasting approach is the vision of owner and wine enthusiast Ken Ewing, who looks forward to exploring a different New World wine region with his customers every month of the year.

As a family-owned business, join us on a journey through the worlds’ vineyards, where every grape is nurtured with care. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or just beginning to explore the world of wine, our knowledgeable and friendly “un-corked dorks” are here to guide you through an unforgettable tasting experience.


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Discover the perfect backdrop for your special moments at our wine tasting room, where we host weddings, parties, birthdays, and more with elegance and charm

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Join us for unforgettable event nights at our wine tasting room, featuring Bingo, live music, wine tastings, and more, ensuring a perfect blend of entertainment and indulgence.

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