A complimentary experience in our wine tasting room featuring some of the
best wineries in Arizona and around the world.

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Experience something new! Each month we curate a special tasting menu to enjoy as we highlight wines from different regions of the world (from the best vineyards in Sedona to the most obscure in Uruguay). Join us as we take you on a journey to explore one specific region each month and dive deep into the climate, culture and techniques that make the wine so special. You’ll be sitting in the Sedona Village of Oak Creek, but you’ll feel like you’re traveling the world.

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Wine Tasting Room Menu

See our full list of specialty wines and beers - the best selection in Sedona, Village of Oak Creek!

Meat & Cheese
Tasting Room Charcuterie and Cheese Boards

Don’t forget to check out our cheese and meat boards - the delicious best friend to your favorite wine.


Upcoming Sedona Wine Bar & Tasting Room Events

Wine, gourmet charcuterie and a little something extra special. We'd love for you to join us for our next upcoming event. Take a look at our calendar and don't forget to check back often; we're always curating new ways to offer unique and memorable experiences.

We’re not just unique to Sedona Village of Oak Creek, our philosophy of offering you the best wine experience
paired with in depth education is unique to the entire country!

About Decanter Tasting in Sedona, Village of Oak Creek.

When opening in August 2019, Decanter’s main initiative was to serve great wine paired with great food and to offer in-depth education that allowed you to transcend from Arizona to a different region of the world all through wine.

Decanter, situated in the VOC’s Collective, has quickly become a favorite among both visitors and locals alike; perhaps because no other tasting room in the Verde Valley showcases a new wine region to explore every month.

We’re passionate about the business of wine, but we’re more passionate about the experience! Click here to see more about how we got started and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Decanter Tasting Room
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