Around the World With Decanter

Decanter will take you wine tasting around the world without ever having to leave Sedona. Decanter, situated in the Village of Oak Creek Collective, has quickly become a favorite among both visitors and locals alike; perhaps because no other tasting room in the Verde Valley showcases a new wine region to explore every month. Having recently opened in August of 2019, Decanter has already exhibited wine flights from locations like South Africa and Uruguay. This regional wine tasting approach is the vision of owner and wine enthusiast Ken Ewing, who looks forward to exploring a different New World wine region with his customers every month of the year.

Ken, an avid wine and travel lover, sees his regional tasting method as a way for his customers to “travel locally” and explore the world of wine quite literally. The exploration of New World and unusual wine regions keeps the experience at Decanter fresh. Ken has expressed a desire to bring awareness to wines that perhaps his customers haven’t tried before; he doesn’t want to serve the “same old wines you have already tried”. Ken’s experience working with Kendall-Jackson made him see that the new world wine market has the ability for exponential growth and he himself has an everlasting passion for wine.

Of course there is always room for growth. Ken is looking forward to expanding Decanter by adding a beautiful patio area and growing their food menu in the upcoming months. Decanter has a special place in Ken’s heart because he sees it as a legacy to grow and leave to his son. When asked how much he wanted to grow and expand in the future, Trevor Ewing, Ken’s son, laughingly said “the Starbucks of wine”. Though he was joking we can all agree that no one would be sorry to see a Decanter on every block!

Perhaps the warm comfortable atmosphere of Decanter can be attributed to the friendly work environment that Ken fosters, saying “I don’t want my employees to work for me, but with me.” Perhaps it’s due to the enjoyment of so many new wines in a fun and not “stuffy” atmosphere. Perhaps the unique atmosphere of Decanter can be attributed to the fact that you can feel Ken and his staff’s passion for the exploration of wine and its many lesser-known regions. After all, where else than Decanter can you taste around the world without ever having to leave Sedona!

Travel the World With Us

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