Hello All! We welcome you to come and travel with us this month to Argentina! Each month we travel to a different region to bring you different styles and tastes of wine. When you come to visit us, get your passport book, and after enjoying your flight get your passport stamped with each region.

Take a look below to see what Argentinian wines we are featuring for you!

For our White Flight we are featuring the following wines…

2022 Mil Piedras Viognier

Found in Argentina’s Valle de Uco, Benvenuto de la Serna’s single-estate vineyard is settled 1,100 meters into the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Their viognier is sourced from vines that sit 3500 feet above sea level with alluvial soil. This soil type allows the roots of the vines to reach incredibly deep into the ground and it still allows for great drainage. This Viognier is tank fermented, giving the wine it’s crispness, and the desert sun helps the grapes develop rich and flavorful fruit.

This Viognier offers beautiful fruit such as honeysuckle, ripe apricots, and sugar-coated orange peels. The palate is crisp with a clean, refreshing finish.

This wine would pair nicely with Indian food, such as chicken tikka masala.

Santa Julia “La Oveja” Torrontes

Jose Albrerto Zuccardi started Santa Julia Winery in 1990 as a tribute to his only daughter, Julia. The winery is family ran, and sustainability is what they take pride in. Santa Julia has maintained being the #1 organic wine grower in Argentina. They created “La Oveja” as a natural wine, meaning there is minimal intervention from man. They do not add any sulfites, and only use a natural yeast. Then they bottle the wine unfiltered. “La Oveja” is a white wine from 100% Torrontes varietal. The aromas are muscat, rose petals, peach, jasmine. It has a refreshing palate with bold acidity and a long citrusy finish.

Santa Julia “El Zorrito” Orange Chardonnay

“El Zorrito” is 100% Chardonnay. Just like “La Oveja”, “El Zorrito” is an all natural wine. The chardonnay grapes were hand picked during harvest, and also don’t have any added sulfites. During fermentation the grapes sat with the skins for 45 days, creating the beautiful orange color.

Santa Julia “La Mantis” Sparkling

We are proud to be able to learn about and educate on Santa Julia and their wines. Santa Julia is taking responsibility to give back to their community and is continuing to help create the highest level of quality through sustainable practices.

“La Mantis” sparkling is made from 100% Chardonnay. This wine ferments in tanks until a certain amount of sugar is obtained. After, it is bottled where it continues to naturally ferment in the bottle. This wine is unfiltered. The nose offers tropical white fruits and orange peel. The palate offers beautiful and refreshing acidity with a long balanced finish.

For our Red Wines we are featuring…..

Santa Julia Malbec

Santa Julia created “El Burro” Malbec as a reflection of their attempt at sustainable wines to preserve natural resources for their future generations. These wines were completely sourced from their Estate Finca Maipu. Finca Maipu has been certified organic since 2001.

We chose to add Santa Julia’s “El Burro” Malbec to our flight to educate our guests on Organic and Sustainable wines. Organic agriculture takes on more of an understanding of their climate and how to properly adapt rather than using chemicals to their soils. This wine is also a natural wine, meaning that they plant their grapes and let them grow without human intervention. They also refrain from adding sulfites. They use only native ingredients.

“El Burro” Malbec shows off with it’s deep violet color, complimented by cherries and plum on the nose.  This malbec has beautiful structure and a Jamy finish.

Zuccardi Malbec

The construction of Zuccardi Winery began in 2013 and was inaugurated in 2016 in Valle de Uco Mendoza. Zuccardi’s winery was designed to reflect the land around them. They built their winery with stones found from the land, and then filled in with cement. This shows off what they love about the climate and region. Zuccardi was also just awarded the #1 New World Winery in the world. The Malbec we are choosing to feature this month is from Zuccardi’s “Series A” collection. Zuccardi started the Series A collection, meaning Series Argentina, to really showcase what the region is all about. Because of how their vineyard is structured it makes it easier for them to hand pick each varietal at the perfect time, and making it easy to capture the varietally correctness of each wine. This malbec is hand picked during harvest. Because of the climates balance of cool and humidity, the grapes developed a perfect balance of sugar and acidity. This malbec gives notes of plum and white pepper.

Piatelli Vineyards

Piatelli Vineyards is located in Cafayate Valley, Salta. Cafayate is about 13 hours north of Mendoza, and is known more for their low humidity and mild weather. Piatelli’s grapes are grown at over 5890 feet elevation. They designed their beautiful labels to capture their many geological layers and their regionally distinct winemaking. We decided to bring in the Reserve Malbec and Tannat to help show the distinction between Mendoza and Cafayate Valley. The Reserve Malbec and Tannat blend offers a full body, with a bursting fruity bouquet. The color of this wine is a fierce scarlet. The nose shows red fruit and spice that mix with eucalyptus and notes of fig. The palate shows ripe and firm tannins, with balanced structure and acidity.

Bouza Tannat

Bouza Winery was born as a family dream to share their love of the countryside and it’s fruits. They are located in Montevideo, Uruguay. About a 7 hour flight from Mendoza. Bouza built their business on a solid foundation of the importance of family unity. They work hand in hand as a family to capture their personality and to reflect them in their wines. Bouza has five vineyards, and they only make their wines from their own vineyards to ensure quality. They take pride in taking the most special care of their vineyards through the entire process, and choose the plots that showcase their desired results. They then store all of their wines in a temperature controlled cellar.

Tannat is the most prominent grape in Uruguay and is considered their national grape. The tannat grape grown in Uruguay offers a softer and more elegant style. In Uruguay, these grapes tend to be lighter and lower in tannins compared to other regions. Decanter Magazine named Bouza’s tannat as a “Worldclass example of Tannat”. This wine is going to offer violet, sweet spices, cassis, and plum.

We hope you enjoy your experience tasting through our Argentina wine flight as much as we enjoyed selecting these wines for you!